Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Chicago Caper 4/2/11

This weekend we went to a 1920's murder mystery party - thanks Robin! Not only did we all dress the part, we really got into character too. And even developed some accents - more so with wine. To set the scene...

It is September 1928 in Chicago. Notorious gangster Harold "Hal" Coppone's return is expected to trigger a wave of violence. Instead, Coppone has disappeared, mystifying police and the criminal underworld. To the small group gathered in a speakeasy near Coppone's headquarters, the crimelord's whereabouts become only part of the mystery when murder is discovered. There's no shortage of suspects, motives, speakeasy glamour or gorgeous flappers in this crime tale.

Robin (I mean...Scoop) invited the usual suspects. Here's some info and pictures! If you want complete descriptions go here.

Molly aka MOLLY M. AWBSTERR: A flapper and society dame from New York where the Awbsterrs are a prominent and respected family, Molly came to Chicago for the action and because, in her own words, "Chicago is a fun town."

Brian aka
EDDIE ("SOCKS") R. GYLE: Smooth, fashionable and clever, Eddie is an avid golfer and spends most afternoons on the links at the exclusive Lake View Country Club dressed elegantly in plus fours and argyle socks. In the evenings he can be found at his exclusive gaming house in downtown Chicago, known simply as Green Tables, where the affluent, the trendy and the compulsive citizens of Chicago come to gamble.

Drew aka ERNIE ("BET A MILLION") G. AMBLER: Chicago's most colorful millionaire gambler, Ernie is flamboyant, outspoken, always ostentatiously dressed, and never without his diamond stickpin and Havana cigar. It's said that he will bet on almost anything.
Note that Ernie developed a Russian accent as the evening went on - maybe this wasn't so 1920's but it was HILARIOUS. Well done.

Kelly aka "SILKY" M. ADAM: A slinky and shady lady who owns and operates The Everlay Club, Chicago's most prominent private establishment situated in the exclusive Luxington Gardens district.

Robin aka MALISSA F. ORRTHOT ("SCOOP"): Scoop is a young reporter for the city's leading paper, The Chicago Trumpet. Her considerable beauty and lively charm have undoubtedly helped further her career, and she enjoys a broad circle of influential and powerful friends on both sides of the law.

Lauren aka S. TREIGHTON HARROW: U.S. District Attorney and chief opponent to the criminal element in Chicago, Harrow is single-handedly responsible for bringing to justice several of crime's most despicable practitioners.

A jazz singer at the Eddie Gyle's Green Tables. Torchy has also appeared in many of the exclusive night clubs of Chicago and has sung with many of the town's top jazz bands.
My accent developed with lots and lots of wine and was a mixture of betty boop and Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny.

Star pitcher for the Chicago Stock Kings major league baseball team, Billy was born to play baseball. Famed for his dreaded "mud-ball", termed "almost impossible to hit," the pitch suffered the disadvantage of requiring a muddy field or, in the alternative, a well-endowed cow pasture.
Ewww.... Billy puts his hands in poo.

The evening was an absolute hit. Lots of food and wine were had by all AND we got to taste Robin's famous cake pops. Hehe....Robin's cake pops. Sorry inside joke. The food included Chicken and Spaghetti, grilled artichokes, cheese, breadsticks, stromboli, salad, cake pops, and cannoli. YUM.

The Murder Mystery kit came with 1920's music. So of course, somewhere there is a video of Molly and Torchy dancing. This may not be as epic as the banana dance, but still awesome. Also, during the game there was a rule that if you called somebody by their real name you had to drink. This rule can make the game exponentially better and is recommended.

Why wouldn't people want to host a party like this? So....when's the next murder?

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